Adventure Safari

This non-stop fun expedition takes you to the most strikingly scenic parts of Barbados on a guided on and off-road island tour. One of the most popular ways to see the island you will certainly not want to miss this adventure!

Adult $108.00 USD

Beautiful Barbados

Barbados is an island filled with historical treasures and phenomenal views! Join us on this scenic journey as we explore the best kept secrets of Barbados like Codrington College, St. John's Church & the Animal Flower Cave!

Adult $98.00 USD

Check Out, Chill Out!!

Have a long wait between check out and your flight? This is the perfect way to end your vacation, check out of your hotel and spend the day at Copacabana Beach Club. Your luggage will be safely stowed and you will be provided with a shower kit for when you are ready to leave for the airport.

Adult $48.00 USD

Discovery Safari

Designed as a jeep and swim adventure, this tour is great fun in half of the time! With a slightly shorter 4x4 experience, we have conjured up suitable itineraries for adventure and still get you back by mid-day!

Adult $65.00 USD

Bajan Wonders

Dive deep into both the geological and industrial histories of Barbados as you begin to understand what makes Bajan life so very, very sweet.

Adult $80.00 USD

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve occupies four acres of mahogany forest with meandering brick paths. It is a community devoted to man's love and respect for nature, as well as to research and conservation.

Adult $15.00 USD

East Coast Beach House Getaway

Find Paradise! Get away from the crowds and indulge yourself at a very charming private beach house. Join a small, select group for a day of unique adventures, VIP relaxation and sumptuous cuisine in beautiful Bath Beach, St. John on the East Coast. Truly an authentic Bajan experience.

Adult $65.00 USD

Garden and Abbey

This tour will take you to the magnificently renovated Jacobian Mansion of St. Nicholas Abbey, set among manicured gardens and rugged gullies, to learn about architecture, history, geography, and the art of rum making.

Adult $60.00 USD

Grand Prix Go Karting

Experience a thrilling go karting experience, racing towards the finish line, attempting to beat the competitors for the coveted first place!

Adult $70.00 USD

Mount Gay Distillery Experience

Visit the distillery of Mount Gay Rum, where rum has been distilled for over 360 years! This tour will take you back in time to discover how Barbados became the birthplace of rum... visit Molasses and Fermentation Houses, the Distillation House and the Bonds where the liquid matures daily in the thousands of barrels housed there. Before you leave, and as a parting gift to you, create your own unique blend alongside one of our blenders versed in the science of rum making.

Adult $125.00 USD

Music Bus Tour

Take a melodious journey through the years, You’ll learn history through a West Indian’s ears, And experience the wonderful Caribbean sound, Surely you’ll agree it’s the sweetest around!

Adult $45.00 USD

Simply Sweet!

Tour the most delicious destinations in Barbados! You’ll see why bajan people are so sweet.

Adult $105.00 USD

George Washington House Tour

This exciting excursion allows you to travel back in time, in air-conditioned comfort, through Barbados’ Historic Garrison, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Adult $55.00 USD

Historic Garrison Night Tour

These chilling guided walking tours take place every Friday, focusing on the macabre side of life in the Garrison and the mysterious Garrison Tunnels! The evening consists of tour components, focusing on a particular subject. The tour starts and finishes at George Washington House.

Adult $15.00 USD


The UNESCO World Heritage Site highlights numerous military and heritage sites, while exhibiting the remarkable instances of British colonial architecture of a well-protected quaint town.

Adult $45.00 USD