Antigua Rain Forest Canopy Tour

Take a unique Eco-tour through Antigua’s lush rain forest where you embark on an unforgettable journey through the forest as you zip high above the trees.

Adult $89.00 USD

Mount Obama Adventure Hike

Exhilarate yourself with a challenging hike up to the highest point of Antigua's Shekerley mountains, with views on a clear day of the volcanic neighboring island of Montserrat. When hiking Mount Obama, conquer or be conquered!

Per Person $90.00 USD

Pillars of Hercules Adventure Hike

Hike to the entrance of English Harbour, where the majestic pillars of Hercules guard the entrance to the bay. This relaxing hike takes you to experience some of the most beautiful views of Antigua's natural treasures...

Per Person $90.00 USD

Horseback Beach Experience

Experience a horseback riding tour like no other in Five Islands Antigua. Ride through the clear Caribbean Sea while keeping your eyes out for views of Montserrat on the horizon.

Adult $95.00 USD

Lobster Creole Cruise

Indulge in a relaxing and fun Caribbean experience on a 40 foot speedboat and join the friendly and knowledgeable crew who will take you off the beaten track to explore Antigua's hidden gems.

Adult $140.00 USD