Half Moon Bay with Island Safari

This fun-filled day will lead you to the Southwest Coast, Rain forest & Southeastern side of Antigua where you will enjoy some new spectacular stops.

Adult $110.00 USD

Island Safari and Stingray City

Explore some of Antigua's most stunning sites on this two-part adventure!

Adult $125.00 USD

Island Safari Eco Kayak Tour

Imagine a tropical island, where the only way to explore is by land rover and kayak. Let your Island Safari Land Rovers take you through the lovely countryside and then discover the most beautiful side of the island by Kayak.

Adult $115.00 USD

Stingray City

Enjoy the wonderful experience of swimming and feeding stingrays! This 1 hour experience is ideal for children and adults of all ages. Travel by boat to a sand bank in the sea where you can interact with these wonderful creatures.

Adult $60.00 USD

Tropical Adventures Land & Sea Tour

This is a great chance to see Antigua from two very different, yet equally breathtaking classic points. This is definitely a day to write home about!! Great Super Saver Tour!!

Adult $120.00 USD

Excellence Barbuda Cruise

Cruise to our little sister Island of Barbuda. We’ll show you the best of the Caribbean Beaches. The island is so beautiful Princess Diana visited it 3 times in 1 year. Now you can too! This Tropical Paradise has it own unique beauty.

Adult $150.00 USD