FAQs about St. Lucia


Where is  St. Lucia?

Located in the Caribbean chain of islands between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean ,14 degrees latitude 61 degrees longitude , north of St. Vincent and North-West of Barbados

Do I need a visa?

Normally one is not needed , however there are a few nationalities who require one , this would need to be checked with your Booking or Travel agent upon booking to confirm whether one is needed.

What is the Language of St Lucia?

English is the national language of St. Lucia

What weather can I expect?

We have a wet and dry season ,  the rainy season is from June to November . However the weather is mostly sunny, cloudy at times with light showers occasionally,  unless there is a weather system affecting the island or region at large.

What sort of nightlife is there?

Night life is concentrated in the North of the island, mainly in the Rodney Bay area where you will find nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

Where should I go shopping?

Pointe Seraphine and La Place Carenage are duty free shopping outlets in Castries and there is also good shopping to be found in the Rodney Bay area.

Can I drink the tap water?

The water on the island is normally considered safe for drinking, however due to the variation of water quality in different countries, we suggest that you consider drinking bottled water.

What currency can I use?

Local Currency is Eastern Caribbean, E.C. for short, the US dollar is acceptable everywhere on island at an exchange rate of EC $2.67 to US 1.00 . We ask that you ensure you know which currency is being quoted in different establishments.

What are the banking hours?  

Banks are generally open from Monday to Thursday 8:00am to 2:00pm , Fridays :8:00am to 4:00pm ATM's are also available in most major shopping areas and towns.

How do I get around the island?

Authorized taxis can be identified by their number plates beginning with TX . They are not metered so you need to agree on a fare and the currency it is being quoted in before departing (EC$ or US$ for example.)